KULUNDA Project Forth Milestone Meeting


The forth milestone meeting of KULUNDA project, How to prevent the next “Global Dust Bowl”? – Ecological and Economic Strategies for Sustainable Land Management in the Russian Steppes: A Potential Solution to Climate Change, took place from 15.09.15 to 20.09.15 in Gorni Altai, Russia. The meeting provided an opportunity for both Russian and German scientists of the research consortium, local stakeholders from various disciplines and further interested parties to receive on the working package (WP) level synthesised summary of major findings of nine research subprojects. The integrative presentations were followed by intensive discussions and suggestions for further action. It has been agreed that the results of different disciplines of natural and social science subprojects have further intensively to be integrated and taken into account to develop sustainable land management recommendations. In addition, an established stakeholder exchange platform has further to be expended and be continuously supplied with implementation oriented products.

The Advisory Board Member Prof. Dr. Peter Tillack evaluated the work of the project as highly positive and made recommendations for the integrative synthesis of overall project results.