KULUNDA Project Third Milestone Meeting


The third milestone meeting of KULUNDA project took place from 30th of September to 1 th of October in Barnaul, Russia. The meeting was hosted by the Altai State University in Barnaul.

The purpose of third milestone meeting was to review the overall milestone progress, to present and discuss the results of individual SPs and to develop strategies for individual WP synthesis. The meeting facilitated intensive communication, helped staff members to get together with the project steering committee, advisory board and stakeholders to discuss project related issues, share lessons learned and suggest strategies of further action.

The meeting was highly valuable for all involved parties, as it highlighted the achievements of particular subprojects, named challenges faced and strategies taken to achieve the overall goals of KULUNDA project. The member of Advisory Board Prof. Dr. Peter Tillack evaluated the work of the project as highly positive and exemplary, gave suggestions and recommendations for the synthesis of overall project results.