KULUNDA SP9 Workshop on agricultural land conservation policies

In 12 – 13. November 2015 Altai State University Barnaul (Altai krai, Russia) hosted a practically oriented two-days’ workshop “Land Protection Policies: Challenges and Solutions” (Государственная политика сохранения земельных ресурсов: проблемы и решения). The meeting was organized by the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy of Martin Luther University in Halle and Altai State University in Barnaul. The meeting put together various stakeholders particularly from the local public administrations, practitioners (farmers), researchers who are either involved in the process of designing and implementation or doing research on agricultural land protection policies. The workshop has primarily addressed the (agro-environmental) challenges on agricultural land and how to formulate the agro-environmental targeted measures that would prevent or mitigate soil degradation and/or land abandonment in Altai krai. The participants have developed new methods and practices how to identify the causes and effects of the land degradation process and how to formulate adequate instruments that respect the interests of actors involved in that process. Policy cycle approach (problem identification, policy tool design, policy implementation, policy evaluation) was applied on the example of water erosion. A Czech expert on the land protection policies has presented the past experiences and current issues linked with the implementation of land protection measures in some of the European Union countries. The workshop thus provided a unique discussion platform on which local and international experts met to exchange the knowledges and expertise relating to the protection of steppe agricultural land.

Further information on the workshop in Russian language can be found on the ASU website here: