September 2013: KULUNDA Project on Place Evaluation


The representatives of the project management agency (PT-DLR) Dr. Arndt Wüstemeyer and Marina Rižovski-Jansen and the independent external reviewers Prof. Dr. Fabio Santucci and Dr. Hans Aeppli visited KULUNDA project study region in Russia, from 16 to 22 of September 2013. The aim of the visit was to get closer insights on the ongoing work of the project, to evaluate the progress and the efficiency of project work in relation to the original plan. The delegation visited test fields of the project in Komsomolski, Perwomayskij and Polujamki areas, observed the work and the measurements of weather/soil and the lysimeter stations of the project.

Several meetings were organized with local stakeholders on different levels. The stakeholders discussed their connection to and involvement in project activities.

In addition, the delegation got information on natural gradients, history of land use, socio economic structure of the region, observed gully erosion areas, different steppe and land use conditions in the research areas and the steppe restoration efforts in the region.

The information in Russian mass media can be found


 M. Kasarjyan 25/09/2013